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Access hundreds of shoots and get exposed to a qualified crowd of entrepreneurs.

Get out there
Create a profile on Ooshot to let clients know who you are and why you shoot images. Get selected by the Ooshot team and start getting booked!
Set your own rates
Make it simple : give your customers a basic fee per image (which you can adjust for each specific demand). si-pros often don’t realize all the expenses a shooting entails.
Manage your calendar
You choose when you want to work. Block dates for yourself and use the money you make to shoot personal stuff!
Hassle-free payments
No more tracking down customers to get paid! Clients pay at the time of booking and you get paid 10-15 days after delivery of the images.
Automatic insurance
All shootings with Ooshot are fully insured. No more worrying about an assistant breaking gear or your client’s floor getting damaged.

What our photographers
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Still having doubts?
I have a commercial agent
Ooshot is a marketplace and does not do the work of a representative.
My work is sold at a gallery
Ooshot is a place for photographers and clients to meet and collaborate on shootings. You are perfectly free to continue to sell your work wherever you like.
My work is distributed through an agency
That’s fine, and doesn’t really concern Ooshot. We're just here to help you find new clients and get more bookings!