10 exemples de photographies culinaires sensuelles

Sensuel [adjectif]

Qui vient des sens, se rapporte ou appartient aux sens.

La cuisine, en faisant appel à quatre de nos cinq sens – le goût, la vue, l’odeur et le toucher- est directement reliée à nos désirs charnels.

Certains aliments, tels que les huîtres, le poivre, les avocats ou les figues sont connus pour leurs vertus aphrodisiaques. Leurs effets oscillent entre désinhibition et libération des hormones du bonheur. Il paraît même que le chocolat agit comme un philtre d’amour car il encourage la sécrétion de sérotonine !

La photographie culinaire professionnelle est capable de créer une stimulation visuelle grâce à ses jeux d’ombres et de lumière. Que ce soit une crème glacée fondant sur une gauffre chaude, ou un burger laissant deviner son savoureux steack, certaines photographies ne peuvent nous laisser de marbre.



10 photo









10 Examples of Seductive Food Photography

Sensual [adjective]

Pertaining to, inclined to, or preoccupied with the gratification of the senses or appetites.

Given that food appeals to four of the senses – taste, sight, smell and touch, it’s no wonder that it’s directly linked to carnal desires.

Certain foods, such as oysters, chilli peppers, avocados and figs, are renowned for their aphrodisiac properties. The effects vary, as some lower inhibitions, while others release “happy hormones”. It’s said that chocolate even creates the same sensation as falling in love, as it encourages the release of serotonin in the body.

But beyond that, clever photography is able to create visual stimulation by using shape, light and suggestion. Whether it’s ice cream dripping gently onto a warm waffle, or a thick burger toppling out of a glazed bun, particular shots just seem to flick all the right switches.



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10 Best Food Photographers In London

London’s bustling streets, alive with gastronomic delights, are a source of inspiration for the most exciting food photographers. A multi-cultural array of vibrant eateries coupled with an endless selection of artisan street snacks, exemplify the capital’s obsession with cuisine.

With a near unparalleled level of curiosities, London can spark a photographer’s imagination. Bunga Bunga in Battersea, for example, is accessed via an Italian phone box and features a gondola-shaped bar. Whereas, at Circus in Covent Garden, you’ll need to duck under trapeze artists as they spin perilously close to your table.

Across the City, foodies weave through eclectic markets, to sample flavours from every corner of the globe. The most popular, Borough Market, dates back to the 13th century and houses an abundance of organic goods, such as cakes, bread, fish, meat and olive oil. An array so vast that sensory overload is practically a given.

London – a food photographer’s Shangri-La… It’s no wonder that our top ten currently reside there.

Michael Hart
Michael’s fastidious approach to detail has led to shoots for Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, among others.


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Photographer for the new year

Photographer for the new year. Thanks to a strong team at Ooshot we experienced a successful year in 2015 and plans for 2016 are exciting.

January 2015 we released the first photographic booking app. This innovative app enables clients to search and brief photographers online. Photographers use the online quote application and benefit from the secure environment.

We finalized our first round of seed investments by prestigious business angels. In the summer Gianni and Thibaut joined the operating Ooshot team followed by Bertrand, Guillaume and Thierry in November.

We launched « Le Shoot Truck« , a mobile studio designed by NY-London creative duo Craig & Karl. It turned out to be a huge success, with people queuing to have their portrait shot.

Things accelerated. Our success ratio of briefing to shootings climbed up as high as 135%. This means happy repeat customers. Our clients rated the overall shooting experience on Ooshot a 4.8/5. They love the Ooshot guarantee.

We now have vetted 553 talented photographers and 269 shootings have been produced in 2015. Fashion, architectural, portraits and event shootings being the most popular categories.

So what’s next for 2016/Q1? We will be releasing the online payment and rights management tool. Payments and rights management are automated and secured before the shooting. No chasing after their money for the photographer and no usage rights invoice as a post-shoot surprise for the client.

Our job is to make creative imagery a standard for business and to provide clients and photographers online tools to make their image production process as smooth as possible.

Let’s shoot 2016 !

Valérie Hersleven
CEO & Co-Founder

Ooshot soulage la douleur de trouver un photographe

Photographe AM 1

Ostéopathe, Arnaud Marguin nous explique pourquoi il a utilisé Ooshot pour trouver un photographe

Je pense qu’Ooshot a compris une chose primordiale : les grandes success stories sont dues à une idée et une personne qui s’est battue pour la mener au bout. Pour ma part, j’avais besoin de mettre toutes les chances de mon côté pour faire ressortir la beauté de mon cabinet d’ostéopathie londonien. Et voilà qu’Ooshot arrive, avec son concept, son choix, sa facilité de booking. Que demander de plus ?

I believe that Ooshot has understood something very important : great success stories come from a general idea and a person who fought to carry it out. I needed to hire a photographer to show the whole beauty of my London osteopathy clinic. And then I have the luck to find Ooshot, with its innovative concept, its diverse choice and its easy booking process. What else ?

Cabinet Ostéopathe

Photographe AM 2 Testimonial AM 3

Tictail est sur la route

Testimonial Tictail MAIN

Livia Moore, community manager de Tictail, a compris la nécessité d’avoir des images de haute qualité, même pour un petit budget

Grâce à Ooshot, j’arrive facilement à trouver des photographes de talent, tout en respectant mon budget ! Nous travaillons actuellement sur un projet : à bord du Tictail Van nous allons à la rencontre de nos clients et mettons en place leur boutique en ligne– le tout avec des photos de produits et un design web personnalisé. Alors forcément, Ooshot est d’une aide précieuse. En plus, personnellement, j’adore passer du temps sur le site pour voir les travaux des photographes de la communauté.

Ooshot makes it super easy to find a talented photographer within the budget I have available! We are working on an ongoing project: driving around in the Tictail Van we go to our clients and set them up with a shiny new online store on the go – complete with professional product photography and custom web design. The bottom line: Ooshot is a useful and time-saving resource. I also personally love to browse the work of all the great photographers in the Ooshot community.


Testimonial Tictail

Testimonial Tictail 3

Testimonial Tictail 2

D’une plateforme web à une autre !

Web 1

Quand Jonathan a eu besoin d’un photographe pour son site web, le choix d’Ooshot s’est imposé

Ooshot, c’était l’outil parfait pour offrir à ma start-up, Talent.io, ce dont elle avait grand besoin : de la visibilité ! C’est devenu d’un coup tellement facile d’accéder aux services personnalisés d’un photographe ! On identifie le professionnel ayant le style le plus adapté et on fixe le budget. Voilà, c’est aussi facile que ça ! Et en plus le retour est assuré.

Ooshot was the perfect tool to provide my start-up company, Talent.io, with what it needed most : visibility. It suddenly became so easy to meet photographers and get personalized services! All you need to do is pick a photographer whose style fits your expectations and set a budget. They will get back to you no matter what.


Web 2

Web 3

Web 4



Ooshot relie les PME avec de grands photographes

Ooshot Qee 1

Véronique Huurneman Maillet cherchait un bon photographe pour promouvoir son concept de yoga café. C’est là qu’Ooshot est entré en scène.

Pourquoi Ooshot ? Un mot : l’image. Apporter un concept novateur dans un pays, comme je l’ai fait avec mon yoga café en France, ce n’est pas chose aisée. Je devais lui donner un impact, et pour ça l’image était primordiale. C’est ce que Ooshot a su me procurer, et bien plus encore. J’ai eu accès à une gamme de choix au-delà des mes espérances, pour une qualité et une simplicité que je n’aurais trouvées nulle part ailleurs, et je pèse mes mots.

Why Ooshot ? One word : Image. Bringing a new concept in a country, like I did with my yoga cafe in France, it is not an easy thing. I had to give it an impact, and for that matter, image was crucial. This is what Ooshot provided me with, among many things. I had access to a wide range of choices, beyond my expectations. I would have never found such quality and simplicity anywhere else.

Café Qee

Qee 2

Ooshot Qee 3

Qee 4

Ooshot Qee 5

Le Shoot Truck au salon Heavent

Le Shoot Truck au salon Heavent 2015

Après New York, Ooshot installe son premier Shoot Truck en France ! Désormais, retrouvez votre studio photo personnalisé juste en bas de chez vous. Génial non ? Portrait, e-commerce, cuisine, mode, notre Shoot Truck s’adapte à tous vos besoins. Réservez-le vite en quelques clics.

Our Shoot Truck is ready to hit the road! We can bring Ooshot’s mobile photo studio to your front door. Book now and let us help with your e-commerce, fashion or portrait photography.

Prochain arrêt pour le Shoot Truck : le salon Heavent, du 24 au 26 novembre. Montez à bord pour vous faire tirer le portrait par un photographe de mode. Vingt portraits seront offerts, c’est déjà Noël chez Ooshot!

Next stop for Le Shoot Truck: the Heavent trade show, 24-26 November. Come and see us to have your portrait taken by a fashion photographer. Twenty portrait shots will be offered for free, it’s already Christmas at Ooshot!

Get your Heavent pass here.

Book Le Shoot Truck

Ooshot puts photographers under fashion’s lens

Valerie Journal du Textile

Start-ups bring novel and trendy ideas to the table

In a hyper-competitive world, only innovation can make the difference today. At present, there is no shortage of ideas to allow retail service providers and fashion brands to permanently reinvent themselves. And it’s for exactly that reason that the Journal du Textile has decided to inaugurate a new category, “Seedlings,” which will allow them to regularly discover the start-ups that are coming up with new solutions.

Ooshot puts photographers under fashion’s lens

The site calls itself  a “marketplace” for photography

Valérie Hersleven had all the right cards in her hand to launch Ooshot, a new concept dedicated to photography and fashion. Before creating her start-up, she spent 15 years as a photography agent, yet the vast majority of her time was spent managing administrative tasks and filling out order vouchers. “Tired of all this paperwork, I wanted to design an online tool that would facilitate the connections between the photographers and the fashion labels,” says Valérie Hersleven. She then launched the first platform intended facilitate the administrative process linked to photo production. Next, she transformed this tool into an online reservation platform for photographs. “In a way, we have become the Airbnb of photography,” says Valérie Hersleven, who self-financed her concept by selling her company. She consequently sparked the interest of a dozen investors. Along with two associates, one of whom is a developer, Valérie Hersleven selected the 500 professional photographers, operating in 40 countries, with detailed profiles. And this list is visible on the platform, which has truly become a “marketplace” for photography. Ooshot takes care of all facets of the administrative process of a shoot. Recently, Ooshot also launched their first Shoot Truck, a personalized photo studio available for hire by companies or brands.

Catherine Petit