François Guichard is a portait, fashion and corporate photographer. He lives and works in Paris. He works with brands such as NutellaLesca and celebrities as Alice Taglioni. He has collaborated with the photographer Pascal Ito, famous for its celebrities portraits. 

He explains his passion for photography.

Why do you shoot images?
To make them a reality!

What was the most significant moment in your career?
When, during a fashion shoot in the streets of Aubervilliers, we invited children who were playing around to take part of the shooting. It was a great human experience and we finally had more stunning pics than expected!

What do you like the most about your job?
I like meeting new people, new atmospheres, and doing my best to make them fit together in a single frame. Photography comes from reality and from the eye of a photographer. What I like most about being a photographer is looking for the good ratio between those two things.

When you put aside your camera, what do you like doing most?
I’m also involved in Electronic Music.

What do you enjoy most when working with clients?
I do enjoy my job when people are happy to see in the pics that I made for them things they hadn’t seen before.

Something you want to add?
Technical skills are very important, but first and finally, emotion rules!

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