Your storytelling is more powerful when conveyed through authentic and unique visuals. At Ooshot, we speak image. We have developed a tech solution which simplifies the production of your visual content and provides you with the creativity you need. Our tech tool finds and connects you to the creative talent you have been searching for, anywhere in the world. We are commited to finding the best talent for each project and pushing creativity into the corporate world.



Who are we?

Throughout her professional career, Valerie Hersleven, the founder of Ooshot, sought to break down the boundaries between art and commercial photography. After starting her career at Apple and the VVL/ BBDO advertising agency in Belgium, she later became a photographic agent in London and Paris. She sold her agency in 2012-2013 to launch Ooshot in 2014-2015 with a clear vision: to produce creative photography for companies. Over the years, the Ooshot's offer has expanded and its ambition has evolved. Today, Ooshot aspires to become a true partner for all its clients in terms of photo and video production, whether it's for brand content, product shootings, employer brand images, corporate portraits and reports, or culinary visuals. What started in 2014 as a simple vision has now evolved into a business with a community of almost 40,000 creative talents - photographers, videographers - spread around the globe (145 countries). With such a wide network, it was necessary to develop our own proprietary technology in order to simplify the selection of the talent and find the perfect match to each project easily. Ooshot succeeded and operates now with algorithms that use machine learning techniques to improve with each search and selection. We put creativity and technology at your service!

Three production departments


Corporate Content

Specialized in the production of event photos, and videos, company portraits, or reports, our experts guarantee that your specifications are respected and ensure fast delivery of high-quality images.



Assisted by our production monitoring tools, our e-commerce specialists make sure that your shooting runs smoothly, event for large volumes of references. Whether we are talking about product photography or packshots, fashion lookbooks, or still life, our experts guarantee you high-quality images that meet your specifications.


Brand Content

Bring your storytelling to life. Our best photographers, videographers, art directors and producers stand ready to provide you with top quality images that match your brand identity.

What do we stand for? 


Eco-friendly Shootings

Global warming is a problem that concerns us all! If we want to preserve our planet, we have to act in its favor. At Ooshot, we strive everyday to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. Alongside a renowned specialist who heads her consulting firm in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have developed our Carbon Assesment, now available for any shooting. By choosing local talents for your shootings abroad, you reduce the transport of your creative team, hence your ecological impact. We have already organized several shootings #shootlocal for brands such as Kusmi Tea or Bouygues Telecom. Just like them, choose to shoot responsibly with local creative talents around the world! 


Creativity in the Corporate World

We pledge to push creativity in the corporate world and produce high-quality visual content for all our clients. We are convinced that every idea, even the most extravagant one, can happen if you have the right talent. With a community of creatives as large as ours, finding the one has never been easier! Like us, say no to stock images - your company deserves unique and authentic visuals that match your brand identity. We believe that commercial photography can be an art too, and this is why we launched, in 2018, the Ooshot Award, a prize that rewards artists who have been commissioned by brands, enterprises, and institutions.

Discover the 1st edition of Ooshot Award


Client's Satisfaction

Meeting our clients' requirements and satisfying their visual content needs is our main objective. With Ooshot, you will have one dedicated contact who will assist you throughout the production and make sure that everything runs smoothly. The client's brief is of great importance to us. We carefully detail the brief with you and select the best talent corresponding to your projects to guarantee an optimal result of each shoot.


Creative Community

At Ooshot, we have built a community of 39,187 creative talents and we are proud of it. We care a lot for each and every one of them and we are aware of the difficulties related to this line of business. That is why we are committed to always finding the right balance between the client's budget and the fair and proper payment of our talents.


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