Castorama is a French retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies.


Castorama usually organise their shootings near the headquarters in Lille, France. To reduce production costs, they asked Ooshot to organize shootings near their international production centers.


Ooshot identified qualified  local e-commerce studios for the shootings of pillows and curtains. Photos were hence shot and delivered way before the arrival of the products in France. The photos were on the e-commerce website a month earlier, which gave Castorama a noticeable gain in time to market, not to mention the financial gains thanks to a cheaper visual assets production.


120 e-commerce visuals on white background have been produced to showcase the assets. 50 images in staged interiors decors were also produced.

Packshot Castorama New Delhi
Product photo for Castorama shot in New Delhi
Packshot Castorama on white background produced in New Delhi

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