Quitoque is a French company founded in 2015. Its founders started from a simple observation: the French want to cook but they do not have the time to imagine new recipes or find quality products. To remedy this, Quitoque offers a variety of delicious recipe baskets each week, filled with seasonal ingredients. Today Quitoque delivers more than 150,000 meals a week.


Quitoque contacted us for two productions:

  • Firstly, our clients wished to produce images suitable for different supports: adapted to their website’s homepage which they wished to refresh, as well as for a subway poster campaign.
  • Secondly, Quitoque asked us to shoot images staging the recipe basket to present and explain the concept of this new service, often vague for the consumers.

Through the images, we had to make people want to cook and experience the Quitoque solution.


Thanks to our proprietary solution, we selected several creative talents specialised in food photography

Thanks to the chosen photographer’s expertise in culinary photography and the two food stylists, the final images perfectly transcribed the client’s need: to highlight their innovative concept and the recipe basket. 

We took up the challenge of showing quality products and awakening the consumer's senses through gourmet images.


A total of 36 ready-to-post photos have been delivered to the client.