Quitoque is a French company offering recipe baskets filled with various and delicious seasonal ingredients.


Quitoque contacted us to produce 2 challenges :

  • Produce images to refresh the website’s homepage look plus a subway poster campaign.
  • They asked us to realize photos staging the recipe basket to present the concept of this new catering service, often vague for the consumers.


Ooshot submitted four talents specialised in culinary photos, thanks to our proprietary solution.
Thanks to the chosen photographer’s expertise and the two food stylists, the final images perfectly transcribed the client’s need : to highlight their innovative concept and the recipe basket.


A total of 36 ready-to-post photos have been delivered to the client.

Photos shot in Paris for the brand's website and its communication network
Brand content photos for Quitoque's website and communication support
Culinary brand content photo for the brand's website
Visuals for the brand's website and communication support
Culinary packshot photo for Quitoque's website
A production of culinary photos for the brand's website

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