RATP manages the operations of public transport in Paris and its suburbs.


HAVAS contacted us to create images for their client RATP. The urban images needed to have a city feel, without being recognizable. To communicate about the French-rooted enterprise in an international context.


Ooshot found one technical photographer to realise the shooting and 3D retouching of 3 posters, and two photographers to shoot the background images, one in Austin, TX, and another in Reims, France. The composite images were comped together and retouched in Paris by the photographer who shot the people.


3 posters with 3D retouching. 

Advertising campaign shot for HAVAS - RATP
International ad campaign produced for HAVAS - RATP
Ad campaign produced internationally for HAVAS - RATP

Key words

City / Urban / Mobility / Transportation / RATP / Photography / 3D / Station / Advertising

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