Sensee is a French high-quality optical brand, founded in 2011 by Marc Simoncini.
At first only an online-shop, the development and growth of the brand lead to the opening of several boutiques in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse. The frames are all designed in Paris by a duo of designers and are produced in Oyonnax, in the Jura Mountain region.


For the launch of the 2019 summer collection, the brand contacted us to produce trendy and colorful visual content, corresponding to their brand image and their target : young and fashionable people.

Sensee’s goals were to boost their sales and engage with their followers.

To do so, the brand suggested to shoot outside, in one of the most colorful and iconic streets of Paris.


Thanks to our talent matching algorithm, we rapidly identified the talents : photographer, videographer, models, stylist, hair stylist and make-up artist.

To produce good-looking street photography, we reached out to a photographer and a videographer well-known for the quality of their urban and lifestyle visuals.

We also suggested models with strong physical features, capable of best showcasing the glasses and put them forward

To illustrate the fun, urban and casual side of the brand, we selected a historical area of Paris as the location of the shooting : the Sainte-Marthe district. Chosen for its bright walls and its working class-looking buildings, this street really highlighted our models and the frames.


We delivered differently-sized visual content, already retouched and ready-to-use :

  • 19 photos for their E-commerce website and social media
  • 1 main video of their summer collection cut in shorter snackable contents for their Facebook and Instagram publications and sponsored posts
  • Behind the scenes content for their Instagram stories
Promotional photo shot in Paris for Sensee
Brand content and lifestyle campaign for Sensee shot in Paris
E-commerce photo for Sensee shot in Paris
Sensee advertising photo shot in Paris by a local photographer
Brand content and lifestyle shooting for Sensee in Paris
Brand content and lifestyle visual shot in Paris for Sensee

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