Art Direction

Art Direction

Our network of creative photographers, videographers, artistic directors and filmmakers is at your disposal to bring your ideas to life.

Shooting Campagne Sensee Collection AW
Shooting Brand Content Kapten
Shooting WeDo Professionnal

Amaze your audience with personalized, authentic and unique visuals. Every project deserves its talent. Thanks to our wide network of professional photographers, videographers and motion designers, we are able to propose you young or experienced creative talents anywhere in the world. We also deploy our network of models, location scouts, make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists, and manage all of your productions. Our experienced art buyers make sure your whole production runs smoothly, from identifying places to post-production and editing. Our tech tool allows you to monitor the shooting remotely and adjust it any time to optimize the creation in progress. Produce in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Los Angeles, Dubai, Tokyo or Moscow, and connect to your photographer or videographer as if you were there. Our ambition? Help you to produce visuals that respect your brand's DNA and transmit powerful messages.

Engage your audience with unique brand content

International Shooting

Do you want to shoot abroad, in a country far from your own? Wherever you are, nothing could be easier with Ooshot! Thanks to our worldwide presence, we can identify local photographers and videographers who match your requirements anywhere in the world, in order to produce all the visual content you might need.

Expertise Brand Content Intrnational Shooting Kusmi Tea

Creative Videos

Are you looking to produce creative videos? We take care of the process from the writing of the storyboard to its execution. We identify the videographer or filmmaker who matches your requirements in order to produce the video that meets your expectations.

Expertise Brand Content Creative Video WeDo Manifesto

Art Direction

Out of ideas for your social media “snack content”? Ooshot is the solution. Our tool selects for you the artistic director who speaks Instagram.
Let him/her showcase all your products in an original, creative, and modern way, while respecting your brand image.

Expertise Brand Content Art Direction Atelier Cologne

Motion Design and 3D

Be original in your creations, bring energy to your communications, and reinforce your messages with animations, motion design or animated 3D video. We will find the creative talents who will produce unique and high-quality visuals in perfect harmony with your graphic charter and the image of your brand.

Expertise Brand Content Motion design Stop Motion 3D animation

Clients who are proud of their brand content

Famous Grey Paris
Saudia Airlines
Bouygues Telecom
Saint Louis
atelier cologne

Our brand content productions

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Bouygues Telecom - Instagram Content
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Omega Summer 2020
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Saint-Louis - Brand Content
Hennessy - DBB - Brand Content
Famous Grey - Kapten - Brand Content
Kusmi Tea - Brand Content

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