Capture all the highlights of your events and record your corporate activity with professional photographers and videographers. 

Photo Event Conférence
Maison Bouey 2
Couverture Evénément Entreprise
Maison Bouey
Reportage Photo Event Corporate

Are you looking for a creative talent to shoot your corporate event? Our wide network of professional photographers and videographers is at your service. Whether you organise an internal or external event, in France or abroad, you can count on our talents to capture all the highlights of your events. Thanks to our instant social sharing solutions, your events become a real "content factories" - broadcast your visual content live on your social networks and engage your community.

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Classic Photo Report

Do you want to capture all of the important moments during your event, conference or opening? With Ooshot, nothing could be easier! Book until the very day your professional photographer who will shoot all your events while respecting your specifications. Our photo reports allow you to create memories and capture all the highlights of your event! Get optimal results for a reasonable price!

Expertise Event Photo Report

Classic Video Report

Do you want to make a simple video report during your corporate event with basic editing for a competitive price? Then this solution is made for you. Our professional videographers will capture all the important moments of your event while respecting your specifications to provide you with quality videos.

Expertise Event Video Report

Creative Photo & Video Report

Do you want to produce a creative and original photo or video event report and impress your guests? Our professionnal photographers and videographers are at your disposal to shoot original and unique visuals. Add some creativity and premium touch to your report and get a perfect result! So go ahead, book your creative talent with Ooshot and let us capture all your events!

Expertise Event Creative Photo and Video Report


Are you looking for impactful images? Share your project with us and trust our photographers, videographers and artistic directors to bring your storytelling to life! Our talents, alongside our production teams, will come up with a mini scenario that narrates the highlights of your event, allowing you to tell your brand's story differently.

Expertise Event Storytelling

We covered their events

BPI France
St Louis
Loro Piana
Lise Charmel
Jimmy Fairly
Kusmi Tea

Our productions of event photos

Salon International de la Lingerie
Soixante Circuits - St Tropez
Tour de France Digitale
Viva Tech - France Digitale
Amis du Jeu de paume
Salon International de la Lingerie - Event
Augmented Reality at VivaTech
L'Oréal's stand at VivaTech
Maison Bouey - Report
Maison Bouey - Report
40th GPAA
40th Grand Prix des Agences de l'Année
Sommet Education - Corporate Content
Saint-Louis - Corporate Content
Salon de la Lingerie - Corporate Content

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