Make your event a content factory. Our photographers and videographers capture all the happenings, and our instant social sharing solutions beam your brand through the accounts of your visitors.


Bring your event to life on social networks and bet on shareability. With a set design and an artistic direction made for instagram, get photographers and videographers who will motivate your audience to share the experience. We set up a team of art directors, photographers and videographers, coordinated with retouchers, agile and responsive, for instant delivery of quality images.

Shoot all your events

Basic photo reportage

A basic photoreportage of your event, conference, opening or dinner following your specifications. Your event photographer follows your list of VIPs and captures all the highlights.

Basic video reportage

Basic video reportage of your event, conference or opening, with simple editing and for a very accessible budget.

Creative reportage

You want to infuse a small dose of creation into your event reportage? Our specialist photographers and videographers bring you a more elaborate vision for reports with a premium touch.

A whole production team

Write a mini script with a production team, photographers and videographers who underline the highlights of your event, from different angles, for a richer storytelling, at a very accessible budget.

We covered their events

Our productions of event photos

Heroin bikes - Launch
Image from the Salon International de la Lingerie
Soixante Circuits - St Tropez
Tour de France Digitale
Viva Tech - France Digitale
Loro Piana
Amis du Jeu de paume
Tech Run
Loro Piana
Entrance of the Salon de la Lingerie
Augmented Reality at VivaTech
L'Oréal's stand at VivaTech
Salon de la Lingerie - Corporate Content

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Your photos and videos immediately available

Our tech solution allows you to share your images during your event. The photographer and videographer shoots, edits and delivers your ready-to-share images instantly. Our talents are available in 72 countries wherever your event is. We test and validate talents to ensure quality and compliance with your specifications.


Event photographers and videographers 



12 000


Ooshot +

Workflow optimisation platform

Order simultaneous event shooting in multiple cities and countries with a dedicated advisor if needed. Control your expenses for producing visual content through an organized dashboard with access to all your reporting data.

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