Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Quality images that bring your products to life and make your customers hungry.

Shooting Photo Ruinart
Shooting photo Hennessy
Image culinaire
Photo culinaire

Do you want to produce quality culinary visuals that bring your products to life and make your customers hungry? We have the service that is just right for you! Photos of your dishes, with or without culinary styling, lifestyle and convivial images, or very technical still lifes and packshots, the best photographers or videographers selected specially for you know how to capture it all. Neat compositions and creative and enticing visuals that highlight your restaurant, your recipes as well as the quality of your ingredients.

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Lifestyle Culinary Photography

Are you looking to produce attractive food photos and videos with complex light settings? Whether it is for an advertising campaign, to feed your social networks, or your website, we will quickly find the best talent who will shoot your culinary and lifestyle images, and create a storytelling that perfectly matches your brand image.

Expertise Culinary Photography Lifestyle Alpro

Culinary Packshot

Do you want to showcase your dishes and enhance your restaurant menu or have your packaged products shot in the studio? Then this service is made for you. We select the photographer specialized in the culinary packshots and provide you with visuals that whet the appetite!

Expertise Culinary Packshots Product Photography

Culinary Videos

Are you looking for the creative talent that will perfectly showcase your products, dishes or drinks? We have the one that will match your requirements! In order to produce high-quality culinary videos, we identify and select artistic directors, videographers, filmmakers and culinary stylists to write your script and execute it. 

Expertise Culinary Videos

Beverages, Wines & Spirits

We have specialist photographers and videographers capable of capturing liquids, fixing movement, perfectly mixing your cocktail, and sheding the perfect light on your bottles and glasses. With Ooshot and our selection of specialized talents, shoot the visuls that show your drinks in a new and creative way!

Expertise Beverages Wines and Spirits Visuals

They are satisfied with their food visuals

Kusmi Tea
Pret a pousser

Some examples of food and beverages images

La Réserve - Food Photographie
Ruinart - Brand Content
Atout France - French Gastronomy
Atout France - French Bistronomy
Hennessy - Brand Content
Quitoque - Culinary Shooting
Quitoque - Culinary Photography
Saint-Louis - Art Direction
Alpro - Brand Content
Pazzi - Lifestyle Photography
Atout France - Bistronomy - Brand Content
Prêt à Pousser - Brand Content

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