Corporate photo and video portraits
in studio or on location


Photo or video portraits of your employees, easily organized following a graphic charter established with you, shot in a studio or in your office. We offer professional portrait photographers or videographers in 145 countries, available quickly and at the best price. Capture the portraits of your employees from Paris to Moscow, from Reykjavik to Lagos.
Get images of your relocated teams as if they were local.

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Studio Portraits

Unify the profile photos of your employees for your photo albums or communication tools, and respect your corporate image guidelines. The portrait sessions can be organized in your offices or in our studios.

Portraits on location

Illustrate your press content with portrait photo or video that look like you and aligned with your brand image, within very accessible budgets.

Group portraits

Book a professional portrait photographer or videographer, who knows how to guide your employees who are not used to being in front of the camera. Get strong images that speak team cohesion.

Employers Brand

Portraits photos and videos that underline your expertise, from different angles, for a richer storytelling. Boost your company's image and make it easier to recruit.

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Some examples of portrait productions

La Providence - Corporate Content
BNP Parisbas Leasing Solutions

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Unify your corporate portraits

Get professional photographers and videographers able to meet your budget needs and your graphic charter in 72 countries. Our tech solution allows to homogenize the portraits of your collaborators whether relocated or centralized.

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Ooshot +

Workflow optimisation platform

Order simultaneous portrait shooting in multiple cities and countries, with a dedicated advisor if needed. Control your expenses for visual content production via an organized dashboard with access to all your reporting data.

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