Trade Fairs

Trade Fairs

Instant Live photos and videos of your event


Event and documentary photos and videos of your trade fair from Paris to Abu Dhabi, Vancouver to Shanghai, available immediately for posting on your social networks. We put together a team of agile and responsive photographers and videographers, coordinated with retouchers, to capture all the key moments of your event, whatever its size, for instant diffusion. Technical photos for your commercial teams, showcasing your event during your event, and longer after.

Cover all your trade fairs with live photos

Trade Fair reportage

Your photos edited and retouched in real time and delivered immediately. Your video ready in an hour for rapid and efficient communication.

Close ups

Photos and videos of all events for your trade fair shot by an organised and responsive team, to miss no highlight moment.

Sales images

Photos of professional exhibition booths to resell to exhibitors and to help your sales teams convince your customers for future editions.


On your collaborative DAM, your teams have access to high-quality streaming images during your show for fast, organized publication.

We covered their trades and fairs

Our production of trades and fairs

Image from the Salon International de la Lingerie
Entrance of the Salon de la Lingerie
Augmented Reality at VivaTech
L'Oréal's stand at VivaTech
Salon de la Lingerie - Corporate Content

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Your photos and videos available immediately

A collaborative tool for managing your visual content easily used by your teams for a quick and organized publication.
Stay in control of the crew by informing them of the highlights and VIPs presence during the show. Our tech tool allows you to adjust the shooting and direct the photographers and videographers at any time.

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Event photographers and videographers



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Ooshot +

Workflow optimisation platform

Order shoots simultaneously in multiple cities and countries easily with a dedicated advisor if needed. Access your reporting data with our dedicated tool Ooshot Plus. Control your visual content production expenses through an organized dashboard.

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