Book the best photographers and videographers to get authentic travel pictures from any destination around the globe! Shoot street photography, landscapes or lifestyle content.

Shooting Atout France Tourisme
Photo de Voyage partout dans le monde
Shooting Comité Régional Tourisme

Whether you want to take photos or videos of your company trips, landscapes, hotels, mountains, unique beaches or unusual places, we select professional photographers and videographers who meet your requirements. Make your customers dream through aerial images captured by drone or unique and authentic lifestyle images from new destinations. Our professionnal photographers, videographers, drone pilots, and influencers will capture the attention of your followers. Our tech solution allows us to identify creative talents in more than 145 countries and produce visuals that will make your followers travel while respecting your budget and specifications. Whether you want to shoot in Florence, Paris, Krakow, Saint Petersburg, Nairobi, Reykjavik, Lagos, Lisbon, Angkor, or any other destination, we will find you the perfect talent.

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Travel Photography

Are you organizing a team-building abroad and want to capture all the highlights of your business trip? Are you a travel agency and need to shoot your new destinations in the best light to attract new customers? Whether you're looking for street, landscape or lifestyle images, our professional photographers and videographers will provide you with the most beautiful images and meet all of your expectations. From capturing the decisive moment to creating the perfect one, Ooshot will sublimate all your precious moments, whatever your travel destination might be.

Expertise Travel Photography

Lifestyle Photos

Do you want quality lifestyle visuals to feed your social media accounts and make your employees, customers or prospects travel? Ooshot delivers lifestyle photos and videos for your Instagram and a storytelling adapted to your budget. Professional photographers or videographers will shoot quality visuals that will make more than one dream.

Expertise Travel Lifestyle Photography Bouygues Telecom

Tourism Photography

Boost the tourism in your city or region! Capture every corner of your city, show it under a different angle with local photographers and videographers, and attract new visitors! Whether you want to shoot culture, nature, food, event, or architectural images, we will find the photographers and videographers you need. Get inspired!

Expertise Travel Tourism Photography Atout France

Luxury Hospitality

Are you a luxury hotel and want to do a photoshoot? Ooshot is your solution. Our creative talents will first carry out a well-constructed brief to understand your needs and requirements, then they will shoot perfect images and finish with a refined post-production that will meet your expectations. In the luxury industry, every detail counts, everything has to be perfect and we know it! That is why we have developed this service. You can rely on our know-how that has been demonstrated so many times.

Expertise Travel Luxury Hospitality Photography

These clients ordered travel images

Atout France
La Réserve
Bouygues Telecom
Se Loger
Accor Hotels
Paris Région

Some examples of travel photos

Atout France - Tourism
Accor - Shooting Hospitality
Hôtel des Artistes - Shooting Hospitality
Atout France - Sites and Cities
La Réserve - Luxury Hospitality
Big Kahuna KSA - Brand Content
RTC - Japonism
Accor - Corporate Content
Hôtel des Artistes - Corporate Content
SeLoger - Brand Content
La Réserve - Corporate Content
RTC - Japonism and impressionism - Brand Content

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