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Our payment solutions


We know that producing visual content is an important investment which might put a significant strain/pressure on your cash flow. To help you reduce the cost of shooting and optimize your financing, we put in place two payment solutions. These solutions are cumulative and allow you to benefit from a reduction of cost per unit for your shootings and spread your payment over up to six months at no charge.

Offer I

Credit Packs

By purchasing Credit Packs, you can choose the type of photo or video shooting you want from our offer. The main advantage of this solution is that you will no longer need to request a new quote for each shooting and rather have just one for the whole Credit Pack.

Did you buy a Credit Pack for a shooting of your employer brand report, but the project was cancelled? Don’t worry, you can use these same Credits to shoot creative images for your social networks or even shoot some videos abroad! 

Yes, that’s right! Our Credit Packs are interchangeable between all the services of the Ooshot Group without any extra charges!

You can make a split payment to purchase Credit Packs (read Offer II) which will be valid worldwide for two years. So why not give it a shot? 

Say “hello” to the Credit Packs, “goodbye” to the paperwork, and “welcome” to a flexible visual production that can keep up with your pace!



Payment solutions for your visual productions

Offer II

Split Payment

Ooshot installed Stripe and Gocardless, the two solutions that allow you to make payments in interest-free installments, in the most simple way.

Thanks to Stipe, you can pay for shootings simply with your credit card and benefit from up to three payment installments.

With the direct debit proposed by Gocardless, you can be debited directly from your bank account, for free. You will also be able to pay over six months. It’s almost as if you had a free credit for your visual productions.

This solution is a perfect way to make your payment deadlines coincide with your future revenues generated by your images.








They have benefited from our payment solutions: 

BPI France
BNP Paribas Real Estate
Bouygues Telecom