Technology serving the image


At Ooshot we have developed and we continue to develop a technological tool which identifies and selects the ideal creative talents for your project. Our proprietary tool allows us to produce quickly and efficiently all your visual content around the world and to find you the photographers, videographers, motion designers and even artistic directors who match your requirements. Our tool is the solution to your search for talent. Simplify your task with Ooshot!




Qualified and Verified Talents

Ooshot puts at your disposal a huge worldwide network of professional photographers, videographers, motion designers, 3D artists, graphic designers, retouchers, stylists and artistic directors qualified by our tech solution. The qualification of each of our service providers is based on 80 criteria process that evaluates their artistic style, technical skills or even professional behavior in order to guarantee the quality of their services.




Talent-matching Know-how

We classify all these creative talents in our tech tool. After receiving your brief, we launch the algorithms which query our database and which select, in record time, the talents that correspond to your project. In addition Ooshot's specialised art buyers are here to analyse your request and find the perfect match to your needs. Through this process, we can guarantee the optimal result of each shoot. We are committed to find in record time the creative talents you need and to respond quickly and efficiently to your request. With our proprietary tool, finding the right photographer, videographer or motion designer has never been easier! And because we know that your time is precious, our art buying specialists accompany you throughout your production.




Monitor all your productions remotely, as if you were there!

Order in volume thanks to your personalized Ooshot Plus dashboard which centralizes the management of all your shootings. Your dashboard also allows you to manage and supervise the production of your visuals remotely and in real time for a more efficient flow. Produce all your visual content quickly and efficiently anywhere around the globe for optimal results, effortlessly!