Technology serving the image

We have developed our own unique algorithms based on artificial intelligence that use machine and deep learning to help us provide you the best service. Our automated art buying tool selects the best creative talents for your project and allows you to produce quickly and efficiently in France and abroad. 

A talent matching algorithm

Based on a network of artificial neural and machine learning, our tech solution analyses and translate the requirements of your project into 80 criterias.

We interrogate our database, composed of more than 37 000 photographers, videographers and motion designers around the world, to identify the most suitable talents for your project.

Monitor your production remotely, just as if you were there

Book a photo or video shooting directly on your customized dashboard Ooshot Plus and manage your teams and projects online. 

Manage and supervise all your productions remotely and oversee the production of all your visual assets, in real time.

Produce all your image content rapidly and efficiently in France and abroad, effortlessly.

Share your creative content needs with us, we’ll get you the team to make it happen

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