What is Ooshot?

Ooshot is a trusted community marketplace for listing, discovering and booking talented photographers for shoots. Our mission is to make photography-related collaboration less painful. Find an Image Maker, not just an image.

How does it work?

All image makers and shooting crew members (stylists, hair & make-up, assistants, model, studios, producers, agents,  etc.) can create a free account that allows them to follow, like work of others and create Mood boards and Portfolios. Non-image makers (customers) can create a free account without the portfolio option. Both accounts enables you to follow people, like images and create Mood boards. Having your work showcased in the Explore Photographer’s Gallery is for professional photographers and invitation-only.If you work with photographers, they can link you to their work as a crew member. However, only photographers can crew members’ work.
Anyone can browse, follow, like and connect with professional talent.

How do I join?

Two ways. Both for free!
You can join as a photographer, image maker or crew member. Any of these options will enable you to create portfolios. If you’re looking for talent, join as a customer (non-image maker). Note that you will not be able to create a portfolio. Both types of accounts enable you to follow, like and curate the work being shared. You can also create Mood boards.
Only curated photographers will be invited to showcase their works on the ‘Explore‘ Gallery.