What kinds of photographers will I find on the Explore Gallery?

All types of professional photographers, screened for quality by the Ooshot team. These include investigative photographers or image makers, culinary photographers, portrait photographers, conceptual artists, or fashion and advertising image makers. We favor photographers and image makers with an artistic approach, who know how to respond to the ever-changing needs of clients.

My work is sold through a gallery

We don’t sell prints. We’re a marketplace. At Ooshot, buyers and sellers can meet in a dedicated space to form collaborative partnerships leading to a shooting. When that happens, our secure platform enables both parties to concentrate on the creative progress.

What types of clients use Ooshot?

Entrepreneurs who need one place to find the right visual talent. Creatives seeking inspiration or a collaborative partner for a shoot. Boutique owners who want to launch a site, or diversify into e-commerce. Here, you’ll find a one-stop shop of pro photographers ready to build visual swag and other elements.

What’s the average budget for a photographer? How much should I spend?

The budget depends on your needs. A few things to consider that may influence the cost:

  • The type of photography required (fashion, portraits, food, stills, art reproductions, etc.)
  • The amount of items to photograph
  • The deadline
  • The environment (indoor, outdoor, studio rental, and whether authorizations for public spaces or parks are needed)
  • The technical skills your work will require from the photographer
  • Use of images and the amount of images you’ll need
  • The photographer’s level of experience, which will influence timing and costs

Depending on your needs, a photographer may work alone or require a team.

How do customers pay?

We ask you to pay immediately upon confirming a booking with your photographer. For large amounts (fees and production shooting), we can manage payments in installments. Ooshot is a community that only works with trust from both client and the photographer. It is important to use the Mood boards once you’ve confirmed the brief in writing, so a record exists of what type of images you wanted. Once visuals are delivered and validated, Ooshot arranges for paying the photographer.

How can I make production more efficient?

Use the Mood boards, which enable you to share your vision with images instead of words. Save time and money by illustrating what you see in your mind’s eye!

How do I organise a shooting efficiently?

First things first: Once you’ve found the right photographer, click on Book Me and start discussing business! This enables Ooshot to guarantee our services to you. To give photographers a sense of what you want, use our Mood boards to share your vision, or a general idea of what you’re looking for, with the photographer you’ve chosen.


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