What kinds of photographers will I find on the Explore Gallery?

All types of professional photographers, screened for quality by the Ooshot team. These include investigative photographers or image makers, culinary photographers, portrait photographers, conceptual artists, or fashion and advertising image makers. We favor photographers and image makers with an artistic approach, who know how to respond to the ever-changing needs of clients.

I already have a commercial agent.

Ooshot is a marketplace and does not do the work of an agent. We don’t represent you. Ooshot is a platform that provides work tools for reducing the time you spend on producing a shooting, invoices and administration — liberating you to focus on creative work, not paperwork.  In photography, it’s important to surround yourself with mediators who can help you work more efficiently and evolve as a professional; that’s the community we’ve created. Finally. Our booking system is used by agents also, we reduce the transaction cost and make it possible to approach new e-markets in a more efficient and secure way.

My work is sold through a gallery

We don’t sell prints. We’re a marketplace. At Ooshot, buyers and sellers can meet in a dedicated space to form collaborative partnerships leading to a shooting. When that happens, our secure platform enables both parties to concentrate on the creative progress.

Do I need to pay to join Ooshot?

Nope. Joining Ooshot is free, as is sharing your work and networking with others.

What should I put in my portfolio — personal or commercial work?

Ideally you have a personal style that can be seen and felt in your commercial work. All we can say to this is, be yourself, be unique — while thinking about the clients who might encounter your work. Give them a reason to stop at your portfolio and book you!

Why should I tag and categorize my images?

Tagging and adding categories is essential to make your images visible to our search engines. Without any relevant data linked to your images, no one will find your work! It may seem a little tedious, so we’ve made it as seamless as possible. But keep in mind it’s important to get this done when you post your images.

Please do not spam tag your images, our team will discard images that have wrong categories or tags.

How do I tag or assign categories to my images?

On your admin page, click on your images. A window will open that enables you to assign automatic categories. You can also create your own.

What happens when I show I’m available on the online booking service?

Don’t feel like this is a commitment to work for whomever finds you. You have the right to choose the clients that you want to work with, and you should always feel free to say no. Showing you’re available lets you engage in conversations with potential clients. Once you’ve come to an agreement, he can book you and you can use Image Boards to collaborate on what you both have in mind. Confirm both production and the quote you’ve agreed on.

How do photographers get paid?

Once a booking is accepted, the client is debited for the total amount. We hold on to the money until 48 hours after the date of image delivery, and once the client has fully confirmed the shooting, we pay the photographer. In total, it takes about 10 to 14 days for a photographer to get paid.

How can I make production more efficient?

Use the Mood boards, which enable you to share your vision with images instead of words. Save time and money by illustrating what you see in your mind’s eye!

I am crew. Where do I share my work?

Your account enables you to create portfolios but they won’t show up in the Explore Gallery. If you’ve worked with a photographer, he can add you to his crew credits.  Note that only the photographer can add you.

Who is crew?

Everyone who works in a photographer’s ecosystem: Stylists, hair & make up people, photo assistants, digital operators, retouchers, studio managers, producers, location scouts, production companies, set designers, models, casting directors, copywriters, agents, galleries, fixers, film directors, etc.

One click booking

Filling out the “Price Settings” form in your settings will make you appear in our search results when a client is looking for a photographer with a certain budget. Keep in mind this is only a starting point for your discussion with the client, it does not engage you to shoot at this rate. Once you’ve completed this information, you’ll be able to be booked in one click, so you can spend more time shooting rather than dealing with administrative stuff. Be as honest as you can, if you need some help, shoot us a message at crew@ooshot.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Photographer’s Usage Fees

We try to make life easier for everyone and propose to include basic usage rights in the daily rate of the photographer which corresponds to 1 year on client’s website & social networks.
When a client requires a wider usage, the photographer will quote an usage accordingly to this request.


Include your crew

When in your price settings, include your team. Clients do not necessarily know how you work or with whom. They have a global budget and will be happy to entrust you with all of it instead of having to deal individually with your team. Again, Ooshot can help you out with this. Just shoot us a message at crew@ooshot.com.

My work is distributed by an agency

You already may have a photo agency specializing in the licensing of your images and that’s in no conflict with Ooshot. We are not taking care of this, we are there to get you new bookings so you can go and shoot customized imagery for new business clients.

Image Size ?

The maximum height is 800 pixels but don’t worry too much about tech details there is a script that corrects the size. So no need to crop. Though don’t upload too small images as we will not blow up the image for image quality concern.


All IPTC information is kept when you upload your images onto Ooshot. We don’t crash your info. On top as soon as you upload an image onto your portfolio your name is automatically added to the file name. So if someone drags and drops your image from Ooshot, your ID will follow.