I already have a commercial agent.

Ooshot is a marketplace and does not do the work of an agent. We don’t represent you. Ooshot is a platform that provides work tools for reducing the time you spend on producing a shooting, invoices and administration — liberating you to focus on creative work, not paperwork.  In photography, it’s important to surround yourself with mediators who can help you work more efficiently and evolve as a professional; that’s the community we’ve created. Finally. Our booking system is used by agents also, we reduce the transaction cost and make it possible to approach new e-markets in a more efficient and secure way.

My work is sold through a gallery

We don’t sell prints. We’re a marketplace. At Ooshot, buyers and sellers can meet in a dedicated space to form collaborative partnerships leading to a shooting. When that happens, our secure platform enables both parties to concentrate on the creative progress.

My work is distributed by an agency

You already may have a photo agency specializing in the licensing of your images and that’s in no conflict with Ooshot. We are not taking care of this, we are there to get you new bookings so you can go and shoot customized imagery for new business clients.