How does Ooshot work?

1. Pick a genre, date and location

Whether you need a portrait, a packshot for
e-commerce or an image for your website, you can have it all done on Ooshot!

Select a genre or let your inspiration go wild. Set a date and a location or leave them open.

2. Specify your budget

Enter your budget and we’ll suggest photographers that will shoot within this price range. You can also leave this item open.

3. Select a photographer

Browse through your list of photographers, click on their images, read their interviews, check their customer appreciations and look up their popularity on Instagram. See if you can connect.

4. Brief a photographer

Use our online briefing system; answer 4 simple questions to inform the photographer of your specific needs. You can also show them what kind of result you’re looking for by using our moodboard tool. All your conversations are securely archived.

5. Secure payment

Get a personalized quote detailing all expenses related to the shoot and the use of the images. Confirm the quote and pay via Ooshot.

We handle all the red tape so you can focus on the creative side of things.

6. Insurance

Your peace of mind is priceless, so we don't charge for it. Every booking made on Ooshot is protected by our Shooting Guarantee.

7. Image delivery

Once the photographer has delivered the images and you have approved them, we proceed to the payment to the photographer within 15 days.

8. Give feedback

Don’t forget to give us your feedback on the shoot; photographers need this so they can improve their service and better answer customers’ needs.

Helping Customers
"A listing shot by a professional photographer
increases its viewing by 8 and sales 2,5"
Nicolas Ferrary, Country Manager Airbnb France