How do Moodboards works?

Moodboards are a collection of images you can easily put together to create a visual identity or atmosphere.
They are an amazing tool for sharing ideas and intentions with your team when working on a project.
Use them as a visual briefing and show what’s in your mind instead of explaining it!

Creating moodboards

Create as many moodboards as you like
Shared boards
Easily access
Each board
can be made
public or private

Adding pictures to your moodboards

You can either directly drag and drop files from your
computer or browse the Explore gallery on Ooshot to
add pictures to a moodboard.

Simply drag and drop pictures from your hard drive
Add a picture from the Explore gallery in one click

Work with others

Share your moodboards with others to show what’s in
your mind and collaborate on a project.
You can also allow people to add pictures of their own.

Hey stylist, here are some examples of images I selected of models leaping. I am looking for fluid fabrics that follow the movement of the model and underline their long legs. Don't pay attention to the colours, just the texture & structure of the clothes.

Print your moodboards

Want to give it a shot ?