First Edition
14 November 2013
Jeu de Paume, Paris
Dominique Sagot-Duvauroux
“Photography markets take the digital test”

Dominique Sagot-Duvauroux, a specialist in cultural economics, provided a comprehensive overview of recent developments in photography, highlighting the influence of digital technology on its economy.

According to Sagot-Duvauroux, it’s no use trying to oppose the denigration of photography’s value on the internet — we must let go of our images and resist fighting the winds of change. Instead, he recommends finding mechanisms that bring value back to our pictures within the new constraints of the internet economy: it’s a two-sided economic model, in which we don’t sell the work itself; we’re selling the attention they attract. Photography is the platform from which we’ll create a whole new series of products and business models.
Sagot-Duvauroux also stressed the importance of indexing in the attention economy. Indexing is an enormous source of value and profit.
For today’s economist, a newcomer to the photography economy is responsible for mastering all its different markets, which each come bearing their own rules of engagement. It isn’t simple … but it’s necessary.

Dominique Sagot-Duvauroux
Dominique Sagot-Duvauroux
“Photography markets take the digital test”

Sagot-Duvauroux is an economist and professor at the University of Angers, and a member of Angevin's Research Group on Economy and Management, where he served as Director from 2006-2012. He specialises in economic culture.

Sagot-Duvauroux is also joint-director of the doctorate school DEGEST at Nantes University Angers le Mans in the Loire Valley, a guest professor at the University of Arts at Belgrade in Serbia, a member of the Administration Counsel of the Regional Foundation of Contemporary Arts in the Loire, and treasurer at the Gens Association of Images. He conducts research and reports for the French Cultural Minister and has published numerous works and scientific articles on the art and photography markets.

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