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Thanks to our tech solution, book a photographer, videographer or motion designer adapted to your needs in Paris, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Abidjan, New Delhi, Shanghai, Kinshasa. Whether for instagram lifestyle, Brand content, Portraits, Ecommerce, Events or Corporate images.



Whether you choose a simple packshot, on-model photography, styled flats or 360° video... We manage your  e-commerce shootings with the right studios for each need.


A food photographer or videographer with or without a culinary studio, and professional food stylists, for quality images that bring your products to life and hunger to your customers.


A Linkedin portrait? A group photo? A creative portrait? In a studio,  your offices or elsewhere? According to your needs, we recommend you the best talent for video or photo shooting at the best price.

Trade Fairs

The videos or photos of your event delivered on the moment, available for distribution on your Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin. A professional photographer or videographer at your disposal.

Retail & real-estate

A real estate photographer or videographer, professional and fast,  to boost your sales performance of your real estate or your boutique. 

Brand Content

In search of a young photographer or creative videographer who understands your brief, integrates into your production flow, and speaks "Instagram" and "snack content" for your lifestyle images? It's here!


Whether it's a video or photo reportage, extend the life and reach of your event on your Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.


A photographer or videographer specializing in hospitality and tourism will shoot quality visual content for you,  to create desire and enhance the dreamability of your destination. 

Employer's brand

Optimize the image and reputation of your company to attract talent and appeal to potential candidates. Proactive and professional videographers and photographers to unders

Qualified international photographers, motion designers and videographers.





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Photo and video production at your service, simpler than ever

Our unique solution developed by our engineers allows to identify and screen the photographer, videographer or motion designer.

This solution also helps you in your briefing, to create your specifications decks and ensure the deliverables that you expect.


Ooshot +

Become the star of image production in your company

The Ooshot Plus solution allows you to easily and quickly produce and manage all the visual content necessary for your business communication.

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