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Atout France is an agency developing French tourism.
Thanks to its worldwide efforts, France has been the first touristic destination for the last 27 years.


The promotion of 19 typical French regions with dynamic visual content (photos, videos and stories). 
With a 100% immersive angle, the goal was to shed new light on those 19 “forgotten” territories, by highlighting the art of living and culture.


Our unique talent search tool allowed us to quickly identify a French duo of  influencers  specialised in tourism and travel content.
Throughout their Instagram account they share adventures and experiences with more than 40,000 followers.
They managed to propose images both inspiring and attractive, that highlight the richness of the legacy of the 19 selected regions. 


20 photos per region have been delivered, giving a total of 380 photos, as well as video contents, for Atout France and its partners’ media outlets :

  • One 3-minute-long generic videos for each territory, to allow a more global and immersive approach
  • Three 30-second-long themed videos, arising from the first one 
Ooshot has produced visuals to promote 19 sites and cities in France
Shot by a duo of influencer, the photos, videos and stories sublime French legacy
Touristic and travel content for the promotion of 19 French sites and cities
Local production for Atout France to promote the French cultural legacy
Production of photos, videos and stories that celebrates France
Production of photos, videos, and stories to promote French regions

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