Founded in 1765, Hennessy is one of the most ancient Cognac House. Present in more than 130 countries, it is safe to say that Hennessy is one of the leading actors in the spirits and wine sector.


The DDB Agency contacted us to produce visual content for its client Hennessy. The latter wanted to engage with its community on Instagram with still life and lifestyle images.
The client wanted to capture its products in a dark and under neon light, while still keeping a high-quality look.


Following the client’s expectations, we selected a local producer and a European photographer, specialised in lifestyle visuals, who’s comfortable working with neon lights. The shooting took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, in nightclubs and private spaces.
We also took care of the accommodation and travels of our collaborators.


We produced more than 100 lifestyle and still life visuals, which all highlighted Hennessy’s spirits.

Shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, this project for Hennessy has produced lifestyle, lightlife and still life visuals
Hennessy asked for lifestyle, nightlife and still life visuals for its social media
A lifestyle, still life and nightlife content production for Hennessy's social media, in Johannesburg, South Africa
A production of lifestyle and nightlife visuals and still life photos for Hennessy, shot in Johannesburg, South Africa, by local creative talents
A production of still life, nightlife and lifestyle content for Hennessy

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