Jimmy Fairly

Jimmy Fairly


Jimmy Fairly is a top-of-the-line eyewear manufacturer, known for its fair prices and modern and trendy-looking frames.
Committed to the Restoring Vision association, this brand established the “Buy One Give One” concept to make the purchase of glasses accessible to everyone.


Jimmy Fairly expressed the wish to capture their stores in France and in Europe
Our beautiful adventure with the client has started back in 2016 when they contacted us for the first time to shoot retail visuals. Since then, the brand expanded to close to 40 stores in France and in Europe.
We needed to find a photographer specialising in retail shooting for a very reasonable price and take into account the international expansion of the brand.


We identified local photographers, specialised in retail photography, to reduce travelling expenses and limit the carbon footprint as much as possible.
To ensure uniform-looking pictures, we perfectly followed the instructions and respected the brand’s identity for each shooting.
Thanks to the local production, we could guarantee not only competitive prices for our client.


To this day, we shot 39 of Jimmy Fairly stores - 32 in France, 4 in London, a store in Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf - and delivered dozens of high-quality visuals.

A production of retail photos shot by local photographers across France and Europe.
A production of retail photos shot in France and in Europe, by local photographers.
Retail images shot by local creative talents for Jimmy Fairly's social media and website.
Retail production for Jimmy Fairly in France and in Europe

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