La Providence

La Providence


Created in 1961, La Providence is a service company specialized in cleaning. It has more than 13 agencies in Paris and four in other French cities, and offers tailor-made services to all of its clients


To illustrate its website, La Providence asked Ooshot to portray their employees in action, in their respective working places. They wanted to produce lively and authentic visuals, showing the reality of their work and daily missions.

These images were destined to promote the employer brand of our client.


Ooshot proposed photographers specialized in environmental portraits, able to transcribe all the authenticity of these workers in action.

The shooting took place in 18 luxury Parisian places which made it possible to create a unique atmosphere corresponding to the originality of this shoot. The photographer shot high-quality environmental portraits putting forward the workers in prestigious locations.


18 environmental portraits were produced for the employer brand La Providence.

Visual content for La Providence's employer brand showcasing the employees on location
In situ portraits of La Providence's employees shot for its employer brand by a well-known photographer
In situ portrait photo for La Providence's employer brand
In situ portrait of an employee shot for La Providence's employer brand, shot by a well-know photographer
Laurent Villeret has shot for La Providence's employer brand, portraits on location of the employees
Corporate content visuals for La Providence's employer brand, shot by a local photographer on location