MGB Development

MGB Development


MGB is a real estate group that develops hotels and commercial establishments throughout the world. They also provide support to their clients in their construction, renovation or extension projects.


MGB Development asked Ooshot to produce photos and videos of the idyllic landscape of Meia Praia in Portugal and to show its potential for the construction of a luxury boutique resort.

The images had to accurately describe the situation and position of the construction land. Our client also wanted to produce aerial shots. For this, we needed to select a talent capable of carrying out this type of shooting.


Thanks to our network of creative talents, Ooshot selected a local photographer-videographer who was also a UAV specialist.

He suggested a first direction and editing, that highlighted the location and its benefits. The client was convinced straight away by a result that perfectly matched their expectations.


30 photos and a video with drone shots were produced for the client.

Arial photo shot by a drone of the beach in Meia Praia, Portugal, for a boutique-hotel built by MGB Development
Photo showing the location of the boutique-hotel and its benefits
Landscape photo of a beach of Meia Praia, Portugal
Photo showing the benefits of the location of the boutique-hotel in Meia Praia, Portugal
Aerial photography shot with a drone of a beach in Meia Praia, Portugal