Mubadala is an investment company belonging to the Abu Dhabi government. 
By investing in various sectors such as energy, real estate or telecommunications, Mubadala play an active role in the economic development at a regional and international level.


Mubadala contacted us to produce the working portraits of the employees of their different subsidiaries, in the energy, industrial, aeronautic and telecommunications sectors.

The shooting had to take place during an advertising film production with the same employees.

Even though the allocated budget was quite tight, our teams had to meet all the client’s specifications and find the right photographer for this production, capable of working in complex light-changing spaces, not adapted to photography.


Thanks to our unique talent matching algorithm, we identified three European photographers, all specialised in environmental portrait in industrial and professional contexts.

The chosen talent  managed to sublimate the photographed subjects and their respective work environment.


We delivered 18 lifestyle and environmental portraits of the six employees chosen from Mubadala’s subsidiaries.

The final photos were sent to the client in Abu Dhabi, after a quality control done in Paris.

On location professional portrait for Mubadala's employer brand
Shooting of working portraits for Mubadala's subsidiaries
Working portraits production for Mubadala's employer brand
Lifestyle and on location working portraits shooting for Mubadala's employer brand
On location lifestyle professional portrait for Mubadala's employer brand