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  • What conditions do I have to fulfill to be presented to a client?
    1. Being an expert in the specialty required for the job
    2. Have passed the evaluation interview with our teams
    3. Have fully informed your legal details to allow us to pay you
    4. Have third party liability insurance
  • What are the rates I can expect?

    We apply a fee schedule according to the specialty and level of experience of the talent. Ooshot offers a quote according to the client's needs.

  • Who are your clients?

    Our customers are large corporations, who expect experienced, rigorous and well-equipped professional service providers.

  • How to perpetuate my relationship with Ooshot?

    By doing an impeccable job, which will make for satisfied customers and a valued community. We will therefore be strict about the quality of your work as well as your interaction with our customers.

  • What happens once my profile is submitted?

    Our qualification teams will evaluate your work and contact you if it is of the level required by our clients.

  • Why am I not getting any jobs requests?

    Several reasons: either you have not been validated, or we already have too many photographers and videographers in your specialty and your city. Finally, we might have no client projects in your city right now.

Experts for each client type



Shotlists prepared by our teams, projects pre-negotiated with customers, our solution to automate production tracking and retouching, saving you time and alleviating the pain of production.


Corporate Content

Our specialists send you precise briefs and call-sheets for the events, and your subjects lists for the portrait sessions. Our tech solution optimizes workflows and frees you from tedious tasks.


Brand Content

Our creative team streamlines relationships with customers and assist you in production.

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