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Bouygues Telecom


BETC, a famous award-winning advertising agency, reached out to Ooshot to create visual content for Bouygues Telecom, one of the leaders in the French telecommunication market.


Now covering 99% of the French population, Bouygues Telecom, wanted to create authentic visuals to animate their social media and illustrate their advertising campaigns to promote the deployment of their 4G network coverage to small towns and villages of France.

We took on the production of visual content for the web, and indoor and outdoor displays.


For their Instagram account, we identified influencer-photographers, specialised in urbanism and landscape photography, in the 25 French regions targeted by the brand. Those local photographers perfectly understood the client’s needs and managed to capture unique moments of their region’s most beautiful places. Thanks to centralised editing, we delivered ready-to-post assets that matched their Instagram feed’s identity.

Following this first successful production, BETC contacted us, again, to produce visual content for their new national display campaign. With the help of our unique talent matching tool, we selected 15 local photographers. Bouygues Telecom gave them carte blanche to shoot in the most beautiful spots of their region. All they had to do was to highlight the use of mobile devices in the middle of nature. Our teams were very reactive and took up the challenge to organize 40 shootings simultaneously across France, during a short period of two weeks. More than 1000 photos were delivered to the client, from which Bouygues Telecom chose one visual per town for display.

The success of the first two productions have set a strong relationship of trust with the client. Hence, the summer sale season approaching, BETC and Bouygues Telecom decided to collaborate with Ooshot again to produce billboards and POS materials. Fed by our last collaborations, we managed to precisely meet all the client’s needs : shooting in a sunny location, models, and, short deadlines. We have shot in Nice, a beautiful city in the South of France, and have delivered, within the very short deadline of five days, three lifestyle key visuals and a lifestyle GIF, just in time for the 2019 summer sale season outdoor billboards campaign launch.


Quality visual content for Bouygues Telecom's Instagram, shot in Haute Savoie
Advertising campaign of urban and landscape visuals for Instagram produced for Bouygues Telecom
Quality visual content for Bouygues Telecom's Instagram shot in the Pyrennées Orientales, France
Landscape visual for Bouygues Telecom produced in France
Images produced for Bouygues Telecom in France by local photographers
Creative and inspirational photo shot for Bouygues Telecom's Instagram by a local photographer in Annecy, Haute Savoie
Visuals of urban landscapes shot in Tarn-et-Garonne, France by specialised photographers for Bouygues Telecom's Instagram
Advertising campaign for Bouygues Telecom produced in Nice showing a father and his son taking a selfie on the beach with a Samsung device
Advertising campaign shot for BETC - Bouygues Telecom in Nice, France by a local photographer
Photo of the images produced for the brand content and lifestyle campaign shot in Nice, France for BETC - Bouygues Telecom
Landscape photo for a national display campaign for Bouygues Telecom
Landscape photo shot for Bouygues Telecom's national display campaign
National display campaign shot for Bouygues Telecom by our local photographers in Isère, France
Photo shot for Bouygues Telecom's national display campaign in France
National display campaign of landscape visuals for Bouygues Telecom

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