Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea


Kusmi Tea is a tea house with more than 150 years of history. It was founded in 1867 in St Petersburg by Pavel Kusmichoff and today it is known worldwide for its premium teas and iconic tea blends.


Kusmi Tea wanted to produce a brand content visuals for its Instagram account. The goal was to communicate about the quality of their sourcing. The CEO with the marketing team planned a trip to India in order to visit their tea plantations in the Nilgiri region.
They have asked us to find a local talent to document this visit in both photo and video formats. 


As the client wished to produce photos and videos, we needed to find two local talents - a photographer and a videographer with a drone. It was necessary to hire a team of two in order to capture every possible moment of the visit in two different formats. 

Working with local talents allowed us to produce the visual content for a very competitive price and at the same time limit the carbon footprint of the shooting.


We have delivered high-quality photos and videos showcasing the quality of the plantations which is the key of their brand commercialized tea.

A photo shot in India to show the sourcing the ingredients used by Kusmi Tea
A reportage photo of the sourcing of Kusmi Tea
Reportage photo Kusmi Tea
Photo reportage of the Kusmi Tea sourcing
photo of Kusmi Tea's CEO
brand content photo reportage shot in India for Kusmi Tea
brand content reportage for Kusmi Tea
A landscape photo for in India by a local photographer