Regional Tourism Committee


The Regional Tourism Committee of Ile de France ensures the implementation of the tourism policy of the region. It coordinates activities of leisure organizations and puts in place promotional activities for the Paris Ile de France region, in France and abroad.


As part of the Franco-Japanese year, the client wished to develop Japanese tourism around Impressionism. Japanese culture was actually a major source of inspiration for impressionist painters and their artworks at the end of the 19th century and it revolutionized their art.

Nine impressionist paintings from masters such as Monet, Caillebotte, Van Gogh, Sisley, Boudin, Renoir or Millet were selected as an inspirational canvas to a Japanese photographer.

In order to have the most authentic result, our client definitely wanted to work with a Japanese photographer.


With the help of our proprietary tool, we selected eight Japanese photographers for the client. One photographer managed to seduce the client with an extensive intention note.

We managed to produce images inspired both by the Japanese and French culture for a breathtaking result.


Delivery of twelve “21st century” images based on 19th century masters paintings.  

A Japanese photographer recreates impressionist paintings for the promotion of Japanese tourism
An image shot by a Japanese photographer that recreates Van Gogh's famous painting
Impressionist paintings that promotes Japanese tourism
Images recreating famous Impressionist paintings from the 19th century
A production highlighting Japanese tourism through Impressionist paintings
Images that promote Japanese tourism through Impressionist paintings
A photo that recreates the painting of Alfred Sisley
A production that promotes Japanese tourism

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