Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines


Saudia Airlines is a national Saudi airline company that operates across the world, from Asia to North America, including Europe and Africa. The company respects the Islamic religion and its duties.


Global Films, audio-visual production agency based in Middle-East and Asia, reached out to us in order to work with its client Saudia Airlines.

They reached out to us in order to produce commercial photos showcasing their new in-flight catering services.
They wanted to produce visuals that could highlight the international dimension of their flight by emphasizing on the cultural melting pot. Just like an “invitation to the voyage”, the images had to be evocative and peaceful.

The images were meant to be shown on several outlets, particularly on television and as advertising displays in Saudia’s offices and planes.


We made a list of European photographers, all specialized in lifestyle and portrait photography, whose skills could correspond to the client’s needs.
The client selected a London photographer who managed to showcase the new on-board catering services offered by the company.
The shooting took place in an aircraft hangar, on a massive mock-up of an airplane, to make the set design as realistic and authentic as possible.
The images were edited in London and sent to Saudi Arabia, after a quality control in Paris.
Our teams managed to produce the images according to the client's specifications at competitive prices.


We delivered to the client 14 lifestyle portraits and on-location photos for the promotion of its new food services. 

Advertising photo shot in London for Saudia Airlines
Photo shot for Saudia Airlines in London
Photo shot in London d-for Saudia Airlines
Photo lifestyle and portrait shot in London for Saudia Airlines
Photo taken in London for Saudia Airlines

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