Se Loger

Se Loger


SeLoger, a leading real estate company in France, offers a brand new real estate search experience.


SeLoger wanted to illustrate its website and feed its Instagram, with iconic pictures of cities to highlight the French legacy and their presence as local specialists across the country.


Ooshot identified talented photographers in Toulon, Cherbourg, Le Havre, Reims, Grenoble, Dunkerque, Saint-Etienne and Poitiers. With these local photographers, who of course know their cities well, Ooshot managed to produce unique and creative pictures.


A hundred of photos were produced in 10 cities in less than a month. 

Street photography for Seloger in Strasbourg, France
Photo shot for Seloger in Strasbourg
Instagram photo for SeLoger in Grenoble, France
Instagram content for SeLoger in Strasbourg
Streetphotography produced for SeLoger in Strasbourg, France
Street photography for SeLoger's Instagram shot in Strasbourg, France

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