Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I have not been validated?

    Our qualification teams select the most interesting profiles according to your specialty, your level, and your geolocation, then call them to deepen our knowledge of your work, in order to only offer you projects that fit you perfectly. If they do not validate you, it is either because your specialty does not correspond to our requests, or because the level of your work does not correspond to our standards of quality.

  • How do I present you my new work?

    You can always present new portfolios to help our qualifying teams refine their knowledge of your work. Send the link to your new portfolios to

  • What happens when I do get a job?

    For every project with us, you receive a specification booklet defining all the technical details and expectations of the client. This document is validated by the customer, and it is therefore important for you to fulfill all the points covered, from the framing, to the subjects to be captured, the image style desired by the client, and the technical specifications for the delivery of images. We will ask you to validate receipt and understanding of the specifications before the start of the shooting and encourage you to communicate extensively with us if you anticipate problems to resolve before the shooting.

  • How are prices determined?

    Two answers to this question.

    1. In the case of simple projects in corporate portrait, e-commerce or events, we apply market prices that we evaluate through our data analysis of all similar projects we’ve dealt with. These are often hourly or daily prices, and we will pre-confirm with you an estimate of the time required for each project.
    2. In the case of more complex projects, which will require several round trips in post-production, such as advertising campaigns, lifestyle shoots with models and production teams, we will ask you for a quote that we will forward to the customer for approval before confirming your booking.
  • How to prepare for my qualification call?

    Our qualification teams will need all the links that represent your work. So if you have a personal site that does not emphasize enough what you can do in a professional framework (eg: if your site mainly presents personal/artistic work but you do regularly and professionally take on commissioned work), create presentation pages by specialty and send these link ahead of your call. Also plan to answer the questions described here:

    1. A presentation of your career (think to make it precise and efficient) with names of clients and projects, an idea of ​​your specificity (what is special in your professional approach)
    2. A description of your experience for each of the specialties for which you want to be booked.
    3. Some examples of projects you were commissioned for and a detailed description of your role and management of these projects
    4. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date (Skype ID, phone) and make sure you're reachable at the time of the call.
    5. A list of the equipment you have and the photographic techniques you commonly practice or, better, master


  • What administrative documents do you need to validate my profile?

    In order to be able to put you forward for jobs with our clients, we will ask you to provide us with all the documents defining your identity (passport, ID or residence card) professional status (self-employed, company documents etc) as well as the proof that you are well insured for your business (a pro liability insurance)

  • How do you pick the ones you put forward for jobs?

    The determining criteria are the relevance of your expertise in relation to the customer brief, and the rigour of your professional behaviour noted in our previous interaction with you.

  • Who owns the images I produce?

    The owner of visual content produced is always the photographer or director. You simply license the rights of use of your images to our customers for the period agreed in the order form.

  • Do you take care of the insurance?

    No, it's up to the photographer or videographer to have liability insurance (and send us a copy of her or his contract before she or he can be confirmed for a job).

  • How do you process payments?

    We pay you within the month of the shooting and at most within 30 days if you have respected the administrative process and provided us with all the necessary documents in time.

  • Can Ooshot refuse all or part of my work, and why?

    Failure to respect schedules or specifications, as well as non-compliance with deliverables may result in a total or partial rejection of your work with the resulting financial consequences.

  • Do you have a delivery deadlines policy?

    For events, it is always 24h after the event at most, and ideally before. For corporate portraits, 48h max. For all other projects, the delivery time is always clearly defined in your specifications guidelines and depends on the type of service.