Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Clients

  • I requested a quote via your site. I never got an answer...

    A temporary technical problem in the transmission of the quote may occur. We apologize for this inconvenience and invite you to renew your request in the "Book Now" section on our site or contact us directly via chat.

  • I would like to have an indicative price for...

    All you need to do is request a quote directly on our website by clicking the "Book Now" button. You can fill out the form and detail your request, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What type of companies are you used to working with?

    Our customers are mainly large companies who need content for their visual communication. I invite you to have a look at the page "Our productions" to see what we have produced for our clients.

  • Who will be our contact within Ooshot during our project?

    At Ooshot, we have a dedicated expert for each of your projects. We will always put you in touch with the right expert, whatever your needs or area of expertise.

  • How much time in advance do we need to book our photographer?

    First, you must know that Ooshot offers its customers only professional and always established talents closest to the location of the shooting to limit the carbon emissions related to transport. The best would be to book your creative talent as soon as possible. Generally, we recommend a period of two weeks before the shoot. However, for the simpler or less predictable shootings such as shooting of corporate events or reports, you will, of course, be able to book your photographer even a few days in advance.

  • How does your price list for a shoot work?

    Our price is established according to various factors such as for example the duration of the shooting (days and shooting time per day), the number of people, the number of photos and videos requested and other criteria... Therefore, the price will be established depending on the project and on the basis of objective criteria.

  • How long does it take to receive our photos?

    The delivery time depends on the project and the customer's request. So if the customer sets a deadline for delivery of the visuals, we will respect them. Ooshot centralizes all the tools allowing you to access all your visuals at any time and wherever you are.

  • Who is responsible for post-production?

    In general, each photographer prefers to work on their own photos. However, we also work with companies specializing in photo editing and post-production who take care of editing the visuals for you.

  • What is the business model of Ooshot?

    Ooshot is a commission-based business, we generate our revenue from a commission which is based on the total price of the shooting. To be as clear and transparent as possible, this commission is not pre-established or fixed and depends on the size and level of difficulty of each project.


FAQ Creative Talents

  • What happens if I have not been validated?

    Our qualification teams select the most interesting profiles according to your specialty, your level, and your geolocation, in order to only offer you projects that fit you perfectly. If they do not validate you, it is either because your specialty does not correspond to our requests, or because the level of your work does not correspond to our standards of quality.

  • How do I present you my new work?

    You can always present new portfolios to help our qualifying teams refine their knowledge of your work. Send the link to your new portfolios to

  • What happens when I do get a job?

    For every project with us, you receive a specification booklet defining all the technical details and expectations of client. This document is validated by customer. Therefore, you must fulfill all the points covered, from the framing, to the subjects to be captured, the image style desired by the client, and the technical specifications for the delivery of images. We will ask you to validate receipt and understanding of the specifications before the start of the shooting and encourage you to communicate extensively with us if you anticipate problems to resolve before the shooting.

  • How are prices determined?

    Two answers to this question:

    1. In the case of simple projects in corporate portrait, e-commerce or events, we apply market prices that we evaluate through our data analysis of all similar projects we’ve dealt with. These are often hourly or daily prices, and we will pre-confirm with you an estimate of the time required for each project.
    2. In the case of more complex projects, which will require several round trips in post-production, such as advertising campaigns, lifestyle shoots with models and production teams, we will ask you for a quote that we will forward to the customer for approval before confirming your booking.
  • What administrative documents do you need to validate my profile?

    In order to be able to put you forward for jobs with our clients, we will ask you to provide us with all the documents defining your identity (passport, ID or residence card), professional status (self-employed, company documents etc) as well as the proof that you are well insured for your business (a pro liability insurance)

  • How do you pick the ones you put forward for jobs?

    The determining criteria are the relevance of your expertise in relation to the customer brief, and the rigour of your professional behaviour noted in our previous interaction with you.

  • Who owns the images I produce?

    The owner of visual content produced is always the photographer or director. You simply license the rights of use of your images to our customers for the period agreed in the order form.

  • Do you take care of the insurance?

    No, it's up to the photographer or videographer to have liability insurance (and send us a copy of her or his contract before she or he can be confirmed for a job).

  • How do you process payments?

    We pay you within the month of the shooting and at most within 30 days if you have respected the administrative process and provided us with all the necessary documents in time.

  • Can Ooshot refuse all or part of my work, and why?

    Failure to respect schedules or specifications, as well as non-compliance with deliverables may result in a total or partial rejection of your work with the resulting financial consequences.

  • Do you have a delivery deadlines policy?

    For events, it is always 24h after the event at most, and ideally before. For corporate portraits, 48h max. For all other projects, the delivery time is always clearly defined in your specifications guidelines and depends on the type of service.

  • How do I register as a photographer?

    Start by filling-up the form on our "Creative Talent" page and click on the submit button. This will allow Ooshot to discover your work. Our qualifiers will then assess your profile according to 80 different criterias, and match you to one of our clients who seeks your specialty and your level of expertise.

  • How much will my remuneration be?

    Your remuneration depends on the type of service. However, at Ooshot, we assure you that your talent will be paid at its fair value. It is our commitment.

  • I am a photographer myself, I wanted to know if the team is ready to welcome a new recruit?

    As we are not an agency, we do not recruit photographers. However, we welcome those who wish to be part of our network of professionals so that we can offer their services to our clients. Just register on the "Creative Talent" page, this will allow Ooshot to discover your work, qualify it, and match you to a client seeking your specialties and your level.

  • Am I still listed in Ooshot's database?

    Once a talent registered and submitted its profile in the "Creative Talent" section, that profile does not disappear! Therefore, you can be sure that your profile will still be referenced!

  • Who pays for accommodation, transportation and equipment for the talent?

    It all depends on the project. This is studied on a case-by-case basis.