Alpro is a European company based in Ghent, Belgium producing plant based products that are not genetically modified. Since 2016, Alpro has belonged to the Danone group. As a european pioneer, Alpro has sold food and beverages made of plants long before it was popular.


Alpro contacted us for the conception and production of a series of eight sunny lifestyle photos for a shopper campaign showing the daily life of a family enjoying Alpro products made from soy, almonds and hazelnuts.

The main challenge was to select several models - a man, a woman and two children representing a family, who would remain elegant while they were drinking and eating in order to produce harmonious images.

We also had to find a photographer, skilled in lifestyle shootings and able to adapt to the weather in Barcelona. A stylist with culinary expertise was also required by our client.


Ooshot proposed a luxury lifestyle photographer, with art direction skills, including the whole set organisation, going from casting of models to selection of styliste and location recce.

We have paid particular attention to the casting and have managed to mobilize models who meet all of our client's criteria. The products have been staged in a warm and friendly ambiance.


We delivered eight photos and two duplicates of a family consuming Alpro products.

Lifestyle and culinary photo for a shopper campaign
Promotion of plant-based food items for a communication campaign
Lifestyle shopper campaign for Alpro
Shopper campaign shot by a lifestyle and culinary photographer
Shooting lifestyle et culinaire