Atout France Bistronomy

Atout France Bistronomy


Atout France is a public tourism agency that plays a key role in the development of French tourism across the globe.


Atout France reached out to us to capture the essence of 12 Parisian restaurants to promote French bistronomic cuisine on Instagram.
Elegance, finesse and authenticity were the key word of this production : every photo had to respect the image and identity of each restaurant.


Our proprietary talent search tool identified a photographer specialised in culinary and lifestyle images.
He perfectly managed to showcase the excellence of French cuisine while respecting the identity and values of each restaurant chain.


132 photos were delivered to Atout France to animate its social network.

Promote French bistronomic cuisine by shooting Parisian restaurants
French cuisine were honored with this production : visuels of Parisian restaurants
Photos of Parisien restaurants to promote French cuisine
Parisian restaurants shot to promote French bistronomy
Photos that capture the essence of Parisiens restaurants to promote French bistronomic cuisine
Parisien restaurant shooting to promote French bistronomy

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