La Réserve

La Réserve 


La Réserve is a hotel group with several palaces in France and Switzerland. Its owner Michel Reybier cultivates excellence and refinement in his establishments, where luxury, intimate atmosphere and authenticity are combined. It stands out for a vision of luxury imbued with the local life and its tranquility. So that every visitor can feel at home. 


La Réserve wanted us to shoot Geneva and Paris palaces. Our client wanted to produce photographs for both, his social networks and a catalogue for internal distribution.

Therefore, we needed to find photographers specialized in lifestyle shooting with, if possible, a book in development and a certain inclination towards the luxury hotel industry.

The goal was to find a photographer capable of dealing with mishaps on site, producing different types of visuals, such as culinary, lifestyle, portraits, architectural or event, and maintaining a linear aesthetic consistency in the writing and the photographs.


In order to meet our clients requirements and thanks to our vast network, we selected four hybrid photographers able to adapt to all kinds of shootings and to bring their own equipment. 

These creative talents managed to work with the light and create a luxurious atmosphere reflecting the prestige of the brand.


We delivered more than 200 pictures of the two palaces.

Luxury hospitality shooting for La Réserve.
Production of high-quality culinary visuals for La Réserve.
Organisation of professional shooting for luxury hotel group La Réserve
Professional shooting for hotel group La Réserve
Corporate and brand content shootings and production of lifestyle and architectural photographies.
International shooting with professional photographers
International shooting of two luxurious palaces.
Shooting and production of lifestyle and architectural visuals

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