As part of the Hermès Group, Saint-Louis is the oldest European crystal factory. Its master glassmakers and glassmasons are part of the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” - a French title rewarding the excellence of craftsmen - and create exceptional products.


Saint-Louis reached out to us to cover two events on the occasion of the Euroluce fair in Milan, an international lighting fair where the latest lighting innovations are shown.

To feed its social networks, the client asked for the photo and video coverage of the Saint-Louis stand on the fair, and the event organised by the brand in a cloister, happening during the Euroluce fair. 


For these events, we selected two creative talents in Milan - a photographer and a videographer - respectively specialised in architecture and design, and in corporate photography.

The photographer and videographers successfully showcased the stand on the fair and managed to capture the highlights of the event.

They skillfully chose the best angles to showcase the Saint-Louis products - wall-mounted light fixtures, candlesticks, photophores and chandeliers.
The final video perfectly transcribed the chic and elegant ambiance of the event.


Still life visuals and a one-minute video-reportage, pre-cut and formatted for Instagram, showing the stand and the best moments of the event were delivered to the client.

Event shooting for Saint Louis in Milan for social media
Event photo produced in Milan by local photographers for Saint Louis
Event production for Saint Louis shot in Milano
Production of event visuals for Saint Louis' social networks

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