Salon de la lingerie

Salon de la lingerie


The Salon International de la Lingerie is the leading global show in the intimate apparel and swimwear market. We have been serving this client twice a year for the last 3 years and have started to serve them for their trade-fairs in the USA.


The Salon International de la Lingerie requested a fast delivery of images to feed social networks flows, sales forces and cover all events of the fair, such as creative workshops or conferences.


Ooshot proposed a team composed of a production manager, two photographers, specialized in event and architecture photography, and two editors who handle live edit, retouch and upload the images in a collaborative database.

The production manager used a project chat to inform and dispatch photographers to ensure they never miss an important moment. 

The events covered took place in Paris and Moscow.


A continuous flow of images, starting one hour after the opening of the fair, was delivered into a collaborative DAM where collaborators could enrich the metadata, and share images with the press and social networks.

Photo from the Salon International de la Lingerie
Salon International de la Lingerie
Common areas of the Salon de la Lingerie

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