Bpifrance Excellence : Solidarity Shootings

Bpifrance Excellence 


Bpifrance is a public bank of investment created in 2012, which helps companies with their development and funding. Having created their own network of entrepreneurs, called Bpifrance Excellence they make it possible for companies to share and to create new opportunities among themselves. Their label French Fab aims to promote a quality of french industry and to bring companies together.


During the lockdown, the member companies of the French Fab network came together and diversified their activities in order to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic. At Ooshot, we wanted to take part in this effort and show our support. We launched a project, related with our activity, called “les shootings solidaires” or solidarity shootings.

We shot portraits of the employees, managers and directors of these companies in their work environment. The goal was to maintain an offbeat spirit in these shots, cutting back on the heavy atmosphere of the lockdown through zany stagings in an industrial environment.


We were able to find a creative talent, specialized in unusual portraits and settings, and able to capture the employees in an original and cheerful way. He was able to put at ease people who had never had the opportunity to pose in front of objective before, and to create a climate of trust and relaxation in a context yet so difficult.


We delivered 50 photographs per company, 500 photographs in total.