SCOR, ranked 4th in global reinsurance, offers innovative solutions for its customers. It was founded in 1970 in Paris. SCOR is present in 160 countries around the world with more than 3,000 employees. The company offers its clients a wide range of risk control and management solutions.


To promote its employer brand, SCOR wanted to produce a real estate photo report. Our client wished to produce indoor and outdoor photos of their offices and buildings around the world, in more than 41 cities and 26 countries, with a report of 12 images per city.

We needed to find and select local talents capable of capturing the essence of each place while creating visual harmony between the different shots.


For this project, Ooshot selected local photographers, across the globe, specialized in architecture and real estate photography. We managed to coordinate 35 photographers as well as schedule all the meetings with the offices in the 41 cities, remotely.

To ensure a quality outcome and optimum luminosity, the shooting was organised in two stages: for the southern hemisphere, it took place in winter, and for the northern hemisphere, in summer.

Following the success of this report, SCOR extended their demand to video and portraits.


A full reportage was produced for each location, with outside shots of the buildings, and interior shots of the office floors. More than 500 photographs were delivered to the client.

Shooting of corporate portraits for SCOR
Real estate shooting for SCOR in Peking, China.

Peking, China

Real estate and employer brand shooting for SCOR in Minneapolis, USA.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Photo shooting for SCOR in Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

Real estate shooting for SCOR in the USA.

New York, USA

Shooting photo for SCOR in Stockholm Sweden and production of real estate photography

Stockholm, Sweden

Real esate shooting for SCOR in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Internationally produced real estate photo for Scor's employer brand

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Architecture photo shot internationally for Scor's employer brand

London, England

Real estate photo shot in Bogotá, Colombia for Scor's employer brand

Bogotá, Colombia

Real estate indoors photo for Scor's employer brand shot in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney, Australia

Internationally produced real estate photo for Scor's employer brand

Paris, France

Photo produced by local photographers specialised in real estate photography for Scor's employer brand

Seoul, South Korea

Shooting for SCOR in South Korea.

Seoul, South Korea

Architectural shooting in Seoul, South Korea for SCOR.

Seoul, South Korea

International shooting realized by local professional photographers specialized in  Employer Brand and Real Estate photography for SCOR in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Employer brand photo shot in Sydney, Australia for Scor

Sydney, Australie

Photography shot for SCOR in Sydney as the part of series of shootings in the whole world.

Sydney, Australia

Architecture photo for Scor shot by local photographers in Sydney

Sydney, Australia